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How much energy your solar panels will produce?


Take Australia as an example, you can find the corresponding solar production for different locations and different sizes solar system in the picture below.

At first glance, the data indicates that the solar energy generated by the solar cells are sufficient for your daily use. But do you know how much solar energy you can actually use in your daily lives?

How much solar energy you consume in your home?

To figure out the daily usage of your solar energy, let us look at how people use electricity at home through the day from the picture below.

Apparently, the peak of the #load curve usually appears at night. In other words, we use more electricity at night from 5:00 pm to 1:am than at day.

For we need to use lights, AC, oven and other facilities during the evening. However, there will always be no sunlight for #solar generator to support our energy need within that period.

In general, the solar system give us too much energy that we do not need during the day, and we could not use them when we are in need at night. The logic seems to be clear here and surely we found the missing part: we want to put our solar energy in use even at night and make sure they are not wasted.

And this is exactly why we need a energy storage system!

How can a energy storage system help you?

Energy storage system plus solar system is a popular trend for using renewable power among the world. And a energy storage system can help you to maximize PV generation.

The system stores surplus electricity the PV generates during the day and releases it for your energy need at night. You shall see your electricity bills be cut after installing the energy storage system for making full use of the PV generation and reducing the usage of power from the grid.

Beware of the Brand
Infringement of AlphaESS

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It's obvious that they are looting money by using a FAKE AlphaESS brand and have seriously violated the intellectual property rights of AlphaESS.

AlphaESS shall spare no efforts and no costs to go against the violation by all means legally before more people get deceived.