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Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes in South Australia


AlphaESS is pleased to announce it has been listed as a relevant agent. This technology supports disconnect and re-connection of electricity generating plants, as well as adjusting the grid export limit on command.

*AlphaESS will not turn off your system or enter UPS mode during the events, just simply limit the solar energy from feeding into the grid. You can still be generating solar and charging your battery to power your home as usual.


From 28 September 2020, all new embedded generation installations, upgrades and alterations in South Australia must comply with the new requirements outlined in the State Government's Smarter Homes amendments and a 'Relevant Agent'must be appointed.



Technology: API control of internet connected Alpha ESS inverters

Phone Number:1300 968 933

Contact email address:


Agent name: SA Power Networks - AlphaESS

Technology: API control of internet connected Alpha ESS inverters

Phone Number:13 12 61

Contact email address:


For full List of Relevant Agents:


"For the purposes of Regulation 55B of the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012, as the owner/operator of the solar generation plant, I:

  1. acknowledge that the plant must be capable of being remotely disconnected from, and reconnected to, the relevant distribution network by a relevant agent.
  2. acknowledge I am responsible for appointing a relevant agent who may remotely disconnect and reconnect the solar generation plant from the distribution network.
  3. authorise AlphaESS (authorised Relevant Agent) to remotely disconnect and reconnect the solar generation plant from the distribution network using a remotely controlled zero export inverter setting capability in circumstances where I am lawfully directed to disconnect or reconnect the plant via my agent on notice by the regulatory authority for the duration of the event as instructed.
  4. acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Terms governing the service being provided by the authorised Relevant Agent.
  5. acknowledge that, if I cease to be the owner/operator of the solar generation plant, I must advise the authorised Relevant Agent as soon as practicable and in any case no later than 7 days after I cease to be the owner/operator of the solar generation plant.
  6. acknowledge that I may withdraw this authorisation by providing written notice to the authorised Relevant Agent, in which case I will be responsible for authorising another Relevant Agent."


What are the new requirements?

1. Voltage ride through?standards for generating systems connected via an inverter

A new technical standard for systems to reduce impacts during disturbances.
AlphaESS as a manufacturer has provided evidence to the Technical Regulator that our inverters comply with the AEMO VDRT test.

2. Remote disconnection and reconnection requirements

A new technical standard requiring that systems are capable of being remotely disconnected and reconnected by an agent registered with the Technical Regulator.
AlphaESS is pleased to announce it has been listed as a relevant agent.

3. Export limit requirements

A new technical standard for all new systems to be capable of export limitation to provide for fair sharing of network capacity.

AlphaESS has enabled ourselves to adjust the grid export limit on command.

4. Smart meter minimum technical standards

A new technical standard for smart meters to be able to separately measure and manage generation and controlled load.

Please refer to your smart meter manufacturer.

5. Tariffs to incentivise energy use in low demand periods
A new requirement that retailers offer plans which reward customers for shifting electricity use to support the grid.

Please refer to you energy retailer.

What does this mean to me?

Your only responsibility is to nominate a Relevant Agent (such as ALPHAESS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD or SA Power Networks - AlphaESS) who will remotely control your solar export when required. Your Solar Retailer will provide you with the forms required to comply with these regulations.

During an Event, your inverter will be remotely disconnected or connected to the grid in order to limit the amount of energy that you export for a short period of time. However, you can use that solar energy that you would ordinarily export, to power your own site/home.

Is there any differences between the two options (agent names) that AlphaESS provides?

No, there isn't. You could choose freely as the two options offer the same services, and also are both free of charge.

How is this a good thing?

The new regulations mean that your solar&battery system will be compliant with the new framework to provide a more reliable grid. The SA Government has introduced these requirements to ensure network stability while also increasing the ability of the distribution network to host distributed energy resources. These changes will ensure that more solar can be introduced to South Australia, and previous capped solar export restrictions can be lifted and only limited when required to stabilize the grid. That means more solar for everyone.

How often might AEMO restrict my solar export to the grid? And for how long?

Remote disconnections will likely occur when the South Australian grid is islanded (cut off from the rest of the grid), or in danger of being islanded due to a disruption, when there is a large amount of PV generation and low demand. These cases would rarely coincide. While AEMO will be reluctant to put a number on it, disconnection 'Events' will probably occur less than five times per year, more likely 0-1 times per year.

Events could last up to four hours, but are more likely to be less than one hour, since grid island events are usually resolved quite quickly. As these Events will be rare, they are likely to have only minimal impact on your solar system payback.

Beware of the Brand
Infringement of AlphaESS

Recently, a severe infringement and fraud issue has caught our attention. A FAKE application with a FAKE logo, a FAKE website and even FAKE videos under the name of AlphaESS are now spreading all over India, attempting to seduce people to invest money in energy storage systems by using a FAKE AlphaESS logo and real AlphaESS products photos.

It's obvious that they are looting money by using a FAKE AlphaESS brand and have seriously violated the intellectual property rights of AlphaESS.

AlphaESS shall spare no efforts and no costs to go against the violation by all means legally before more people get deceived.