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According to the UN, here are some facts & things you need to know:

  •  “Forests are home to about 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, with more than 60,000 tree species.”

  •  “Around 1.6 billion people depend directly on forests for food, shelter, energy, medicines, and income.”

  •  “The world is losing 10 million hectares of forest each year – about the size of Iceland- which accounts for 12 to 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Forests purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent erosion, and act as an important buffer against climate change. Forests are consumers of carbon dioxide and producers of oxygen. 1,000m2 of forest absorbs about 100 kilograms of CO2 a day. But with the severe deforestation, resulting in the alarming dwindling of trees, our living environment is being destroyed. To protect the environment, we live in, apart from protecting forests and trees, we can also start by cutting on carbon emissions and switching to green energy. 

We need to care for our only home by caring for our forests and biodiversity, as they are too precious to lose.

Let’s protect, preserve & restore forests for biodiversity and humanity.

Go green, go with AlphaESS.


Beware of the Brand
Infringement of AlphaESS

Recently, a severe infringement and fraud issue has caught our attention. A FAKE application with a FAKE logo, a FAKE website and even FAKE videos under the name of AlphaESS are now spreading all over India, attempting to seduce people to invest money in energy storage systems by using a FAKE AlphaESS logo and real AlphaESS products photos.

It's obvious that they are looting money by using a FAKE AlphaESS brand and have seriously violated the intellectual property rights of AlphaESS.

AlphaESS shall spare no efforts and no costs to go against the violation by all means legally before more people get deceived.