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AlphaESS Solar Batteries Withstand Recent Heat Wave in Australia


The heat wave did not effect the solar energy storage products, proving their reliability, performance and safety.

SYDNEY, Australia-Southeast Australia experienced record-breaking high temperatures last weekend, and Gosford encountered the highest at 48.3 degrees Celsius. This gave Alpha-ESS an opportunity to answer consumers' questions concerning whether solar batteries still function in extreme heat conditions. Numerous Alpha-ESS solar battery systems are installed in Australia, and they are set up with live monitoring so that the company can determine if they are working properly. It was discovered that none of the systems shut down over the extremely hot weekend, even in Gosford.

"The heat wave was a good test for us, and we were tracking it all weekend to see how our solar battery systems were functioning," said Dong Lin, Managing Director at Alpha-ESS Australia. "It was a resounding success! It's great to know that Alpha ESS products are proven to handle the extreme heat conditions that we have in Australia. We look forward to the widespread adoption of our industry leading solar and battery packages."

Over the weekend, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Alpha-ESS solar battery systems generated a total of 27,629.59kWh, which can save a customer over $8,500 in total. In a time when consumers would typically utilize a lot of energy to keep their home cool, Alpha-ESS customers saved energy and money. 

During the dangerous heat wave, the community of Mudgee experienced a blackout. Two residents were Alpha-ESS customers and owned the top quality solar battery systems. These two houses had power during the weekend, and were safe from dangerous health threats related to heat such as heat stroke.

The real life scenario experienced by Alpha-ESS customers during the heat wave demonstrates the reliability of the PV and lithium battery product during extreme conditions. The top performance solar battery company offers a safe product and brand, and is a leader in the industry. Various sizes of Alpha-ESS solar energy storage products and accessories are available and may be shipped globally. Visit to learn more about the company. 

About Alpha-ESS:

Alpha-ESS was founded in 2012, and specializes in producing advanced energy storage products. Headquartered in Australia, the high-tech company has expanded to Europe and all over the globe. Company team members have extensive experience in the new energy and lithium battery industry. Go to to view the company's top solar energy storage products. 

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