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AlphaESS Newly Launched Calculator on Website


AlphaESS has announced the launch of calculator on the website to facilitate user's easy evaluation of battery storage system capacity required and the internal rate of return of installing PV and energy storage system.


System Capacity Calculator - with inputs of the location of system to be installed, estimated quarterly energy usage, targeted self-sufficiency rate and self-consumption rate, estimated day and night time energy usage rate, peak and off-peak energy usage percentage, the Calculator could easily get you the result of solar power system capacity required, battery storage system capacity required and the estimated annual energy production under different scenario.

Internal Rate of Return - the calculation is used to evaluate the rate of return of a future 20-year cashflow based on the solar power system installed, the estimated pay.

-back period of investing such system and the related bill saving percentage.

It gives users of calculator as indicative guide on an approximate assessment on system capacity to be installed and return for investment.

Currently, this calculator is only valid for regions in Australia.