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  • Project

    SMILE5: 5kW/5.7kWh

  • Application


  • Address

    New Zealand

With the intention to go carbon neutral, the couple - John and Janice opted for a best-selling 5.7kWh SMILE5 Solar Battery system to reinforce their Solar Panels.

Once the system was installed and handed over to John and Janice, they were given access to their secured AlphaESS app and desktop login. The platform allows them to monitor when, where, and how their battery is distributing power to achieve carbon neutral, and many more...

Also, as a Horticulture teacher, John's passionate about keeping New Zealand clean and green, while taking advantage of what his own garden can grow.

John and Janice are reaping the benefits of solar energy not only from growing organic vegetables and fruits, but also utilizing the innovative technology of solar and energy storage.