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NSW Smart Energy Summit :Cutting Power Bills and Emissions with Smart Energy


The 2018 NSW Smart Energy Summit was crowded yesterday, 4 Dec at Sydney, with attendees eager to hear former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Other key speakers include: the Hon NSW Energy Minister, Don Harwin, Leading energy commentator, Simon Holmes, and NSW Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister, Adam Searle.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, former Australian Prime Minister spoke on Politics, engineering and economics: Opportunities for a clean energy transition.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says some MPs don't believe in climate change.

Mr. Turnbull expressed his disappointment the energy policy was dropped after he was toppled as prime minister.

"It has been abandoned by the federal government, I regret that, naturally, as does just about everyone in the federal government," Mr. Turnbull said.

"It did have the overwhelming support of the party room, and indeed the Cabinet. There was a minority of Coalition MPs who effectively torpedoed what was fundamentally a very good, technology agnostic energy policy."

Malcolm Turnbull tells energy summit that many coalition members don't believe in climate change

However, the Summit's focus on corporate PPAs and C&I applications pointed to solar and battery storage's bright future, with or without the support of federal governments.

The increasing corporate and business uptake of renewable energy was highlighted, for its potential to both drive down the cost of renewables and wholesale electricity.

Dong Lin, Alpha ESS's VP gave a speech in depth on Helping businesses slash emissions and power bills with battery storage.

"Australians have been suffered from soaring electricity prices in both residential and C&I sectors. The Australian network is too expensive to maintain, which now leads to the de-centralization of generation with cheaper electricity such as solar. " said Dong.

Instead of keeping investing in upgrading the network, government is also looking into investing in distributed energy generation and energy storage.

Varies state government incentives have been made available, mostly for households, including NSW, SA, VIC, ACT and QLD; AlpheESS has recently been given exclusivity period to work with the SA home battery scheme to help more Australian homes and business to gain access to battery storage.

Dong also talked in details about AlpheESS' new business model to further reduce the initial investment to go energy storage.

Ultimately, Dong said he agree that the combined reduction in the cost of renewables with decreasing costs of battery technology has left coal fired generation unable to compete.

"Renewable energy backed by storage is the cheaper form of new electricity generation, that's clear," said Turnbull. "But what we've got to do is have the political consensus and degree of certainty backed by industry and business, to enable that."

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