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Energy Storage Solution & Serivce Provider AlphaESS Receives the ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD for Its Sustainability Reporting


On December 6, the renowned market research institute EUPD Research honored pioneers in sustainability reporting with the ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD. AlphaESS, a leading provider of advanced energy storage solutions and services, was among the deserving winners.


The relevance of sustainability reporting is crucial in today's world. In a world grappling with environmental and social challenges, companies assume a pivotal role in steering towards a more sustainable future. Through sustainability reporting, businesses can openly communicate their initiatives and advancements in environmental responsibility, social justice, and corporate governance.

As a provider of cutting-edge energy storage products and energy management solutions, AlphaESS is firmly anchored in the smart energy transition. With its focus on an environmentally friendly energy supply, the company has now also been honored for its performance in the area of sustainability reporting.

Jens Mürke, Head of ESG at EUPD Research, commented, "This is how responsibility works: AlphaESS defines transparency at the highest level. AlphaESS's extremely detailed sustainability report serves as a beacon for responsible corporate behavior and sets standards for an environmentally conscious future. Involved in the energy transition with its own portfolio, AlphaESS is an outstanding example of organizations that have already embarked on the path to greater corporate social responsibility. They have integrated forward-looking sustainability concepts into their corporate strategies and report on them in a transparent manner."

Through transparent reporting and clear presentation of its business activities, AlphaESS positions itself as a responsible pioneer. This approach not only fosters public trust but also resonates positively with investors and other stakeholders, reinforcing the company's commitment to long-term value creation.


The future is not built alone - we are pleased to be able to face the challenges of our time together and share our pioneering spirit today with industry representatives who are committed to an environmentally friendly future and pioneering energy solutions. The ESG Award honors us and reminds us of the impact that each and every one of us has on the energy transition.

About AlphaESS

Founded in 2012, AlphaESS specializes in providing advanced energy storage products and smart energy management solutions for residential and commercial applications.

As a pioneer in the energy storage market with lithium-ion technology, AlphaESS pursues the mission of making clean energy accessible to everyone in the world.

AlphaESS is a multinational company that currently operates residential and commercial energy storage systems in more than 90 countries and regions worldwide. AlphaESS is committed to helping shape the energy network of the future through its patented technologies from Germany.

As a result, AlphaESS developed its first product, the in-house energy management system, in 2012, which still controls and operates all AlphaESS systems today. Since then, the company has evolved into a full-service provider with energy storage systems ranging from 3 kW to 550 kW.

In Germany, the slogan of AlphaESS is "Smarten Your Energy". Starting with an energy storage system, AlphaESS is transforming itself from a product manufacturer to a network service provider with its vision of smart energy in order to enable its customers not only to maximize their energy self-consumption, but also to lead an environmentally friendly life.

About EUPD Research

EUPD is a leading market research, analysis and certification institute in the entire sustainability sector and has enjoyed undisputed pioneer status nationally and globally for over 23 years. In constant cooperation with science, politics, business and the media, EUPD plays a leading role in the initiation and establishment of socially relevant quality models and initiatives in the context of ESG. In the energy sector, EUPD focuses on the four pillars of the energy transition: Electricity, heat, mobility and energy efficiency. Its primary data-based market research and consulting services are designed to make its clients' business strategies a success, create added value and strengthen their market positioning. In the area of social sustainabili

Beware of the Brand
Infringement of AlphaESS

Recently, a severe infringement and fraud issue has caught our attention. A FAKE application with a FAKE logo, a FAKE website and even FAKE videos under the name of AlphaESS are now spreading all over India, attempting to seduce people to invest money in energy storage systems by using a FAKE AlphaESS logo and real AlphaESS products photos.

It's obvious that they are looting money by using a FAKE AlphaESS brand and have seriously violated the intellectual property rights of AlphaESS.

AlphaESS shall spare no efforts and no costs to go against the violation by all means legally before more people get deceived.