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  • Project


  • Application

    PV+Storage+Off Grid+Microgrid + Diesel

  • Commission Date

    Dec, 2020

  • Address

    Inner Mongolia, China

Qiqian, the forgotten paradise on earth. It is a quiet village in the deep birch forest of the Greater Khingan Mountains, northeast China.

9-3.jpgThere is a troop of firefighters protecting residents from forest fire. However the extremely cold weather and unplugged lifestyle makes life a struggle for these heroes. Freezing for nine months every year, the temperature even drops to minus 40 degrees Celsius, it would be a nightmare during the blackouts. Also, heat pump is a vital requirement here while diesel power is not a cost-efficient choice for its expensive cost and logistics, not to mention the pollution to the environment.

So here comes the Alpha Soldier, bringing a complete off-grid energy solution with solar energy storage and diesel generator, for the water heating system. This energy system includes 250kWp photovoltaics and 650kWh batteries. When the sun is shining brightly during the day, solar power will be turned into electricity to supply the basic appliances, and the excess charges the battery for the nights or some snowy days.


Once the SOC reaches a pre-set value, the EMS sends a signal to the diesel engine, which acts as a backup power supply, to automatically initiate to power the loads and charge the battery to a set point. This entire system guarantees an uninterrupted power supply 7/24 hours.