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  • Project


  • Application

    PV + Storage

  • Commission Date

    Jan, 2022

  • Address

    Kathmandu, Nepal

Recently, an energy storage system done by Aptech Africa and Peak Power Pvt. Ltd. was accomplished for the HQ UNICEF in Kathmandu.

The system is an 50kW/60kWh AlphaESS Storion T50 connected with 42 kW PV, supporting critical loads, with 24/7 uninterruptible power supply.

8-3.jpg8-4.jpgAlphaESS STORION-T50 provides:

  • UPS ability

  • Off-grid available

  • Independent power supply

  • No fear of #blackout anymore

  • Easy installation and low maintenance

  • Cloud monitoring your home power Anytime Anywhere