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AlphaESS Unveils All-in-One Energy Storage Solutions for Residential and Commercial Applications at ees Europe & Intersolar in Munich 2024


Munich, Germany, June 20, 2024 - AlphaESS, a global leader in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, presented its up-to-date energy storage systems at ees Europe, Europe's largest trade show in the energy storage industry. This year's event theme, “Easy System Integration for Residential and Commercial Customers”, aligns with AlphaESS‘s holistic product portfolio, including home battery systems, and commercial, industrial, and utility-scale energy storage solutions with intelligent energy management. At the Expo, AlphaESS received the 'Top Brand PV 2024' award from Leo Ganz of EUPD Research Energy in the Storage and Inverters categories for Germany, which solidifies its leading position in Europe.


Solar Batteries for Households

AlphaESS introduced VitaPower, its new balcony energy storage system for the first time at the exhibition. Tailored for the German market, it is now available online as VitaPower VT1000. Together with a Smart Plug, tenants and owners in urban regions can now connect to the power grid in just a few minutes and easily take part in the energy transition. The all-in-one system has an output of 1 kW/1 kWh, but can be expanded to 2 kW (feed-in power) and 6 kWh battery capacity; it is a welcomed opportunity for environmentally conscious customers seeking to optimize their energy mix.

For families and households seeking to optimize their energy expenses, AlphaESS offers its latest home energy storage series, SMILE-G3. The single-phase and three-phase systems cover the power range between 3.6 to 20 kW; their energy capacity spans 3.8 to 60.5 kWh. The SMILE-G3 series is modular, easy to install, and offers multiple inverter and battery options to meet the requirements of different European markets.

Leveraging 12 years of industry expertise and AI technology, the SMILE-G3 series offers enhanced efficiency and smarter energy management. Its DC input supports up to 3 MPPTs with shadow scanning and 200% PV input. On the AC output side, the system can seamlessly switch to UPS mode and provide an overload of 150% for 30 seconds. Its battery components feature Class A LiFePO4 battery cells, extending the system lifespan and ensuring a stable charging and discharging rate of up to 1C. The system offers high voltage and ensures minimal energy loss. Moreover, with the SN binding technology and unique API, the systems offer precise frequency response for virtual power plant (VPP) applications, where AlphaESS is a leading provider in Australia.


C&I and Utility Energy Storage Solutions

With a significantly stronger focus on energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, AlphaESS launched its new STORION-G2-H50 all-in-one air-cooled cabinet with a new 50 kW three-phase hybrid inverter. What is special about this model is that customers can choose between two battery modules. Either the system can be equipped with M7790-S battery packs with 55.29 kWh or M38210-SC battery packs with 104.83 kWh total energy capacity, expandable to 209.6 kWh.


For energy requirements in the 30 kW power range, the company is also fully geared up: in its updated form, the STORION-H30 offers energy capacities between 34.56 to 55.29 kWh and 64.51 to 96.76 kWh in combination with a powerful hybrid inverter in an all-in-one design, capable of both on-grid and off-grid operations.

AlphaESS also showcased the STORION-LC372 liquid-cooled cabinet, with a maximum system capacity of 372.7 kWh, scalable from 2 to 8 battery modules with 46.6 kWh each. While the battery cabinet meets protection class IP55, the battery modules have a more demanding protection class of IP67, making the system suitable for extreme environments. A pilot project in Lithuania deploys 12 STORION-LC372 cabinets for a 2 MW/4 MWh system, supporting local Brewery's green energy goals with an advanced liquid cooling solution.

In utility-scale applications, AlphaESS is no longer an unknown force. In addition to the Asian market, more and more of the company's grid stabilization projects are being implemented in Europe. With the AlphaCS-H20-DC-LC liquid-cooled container, Alpha ESS Europe GmbH, based in Langen, Hesse, demonstrated its latest product in the form of a container-based, liquid-cooled and pre-assembled ESS solution. The total capacity of the system is up to 3.7 MWh. It also features an industrial-grade battery pack with an IP67 protection rating.

The container system has an external maintenance design, intelligent thermal management, and several fire protection systems. With a 30% higher energy density and 20% lower energy losses, it represents a significant technical advance over the previous model, bringing lower upfront investment costs and a higher long-term return for customers.

About AlphaESS

Founded in 2012, AlphaESS is a leading global green energy storage solutions and service provider. With four manufacturing plants worldwide, the company is expected to have an annual production capacity of 5 GWh by 2025, supported by a localized network of over 30 subsidiaries with on-site services. AlphaESS is active in over 100 countries and regions with 150,000 systems installed.

With a cloud service hosted in Europe, AlphaESS optimizes the responsiveness and tracking of its systems via its in-house monitoring system AlphaCloud. Equipped with a multi-level service response system, it ensures smooth operation and local customer support.

AlphaESS is committed to technical innovations and is continuously working on further development to meet the dynamic requirements of the global market.

About AlphaESS Europe

AlphaESS Europe was established in Frankfurt, 2015, who ranks Top 5 market share with 2 Top Brand PV Awards in storage and inverter sectors in Germany, a testament to its reputation and customer trust. With a cloud service hosted in Europe, AlphaESS optimizes the responsiveness and tracking of its systems via AlphaCloud monitoring platform. Equipped with a multi-level service response system, AlphaESS ensures smooth operation and local customer support.

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