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AlphaESS Showcased Its Next-Gen Energy Storage Solutions at ESIE 2024 in Beijing


Beijing, April 13, 2024 — The Energy Storage International Expo (ESIE) 2024 was held at the Beijing Shougang Convention & Exhibition Center from April 11th to 13th. As one of the title sponsors, AlphaESS attended this key platform of exchange for China's energy storage industry, presenting its latest generation of energy storage products covering the full power range.


Despite challenges posed by a slowdown in renewable energy growth in 2023, AlphaESS maintained a strong presence amidst fierce competition through continuous innovation, securing the No.1 position in Australia and ranking 5th in Germany for market share. At ESIE 2024, AlphaESS released its Low-Carbon Smart Park Platform 2.0 — a comprehensive software platform integrating energy, building automation, and fire safety management for industrial parks. This platform empowers large enterprises to optimize energy consumption, reduce electricity costs, and embrace eco-friendly practices.


In its expanding portfolio of international ventures, AlphaESS showcased air-cooled and liquid-cooled cabinet and container solutions tailored for C&I and large-scale applications. Among them, the newly developed AlphaCS-H20-DC-LC 2.0 liquid-cooled container (2.5MW/5MWh) stood out with a 34% increase in energy density and a space-saving design, enabling significant cost savings for customers. The system adopts the latest liquid cooling technology and intelligent thermal management, ensuring uniform temperature distribution (≤3°C system temperature difference) for enhanced battery efficiency and lifespan. Moreover, equipped with battery pack-level combustible gas detection, fire suppression mechanisms, and built-in pressure relief valves, the system guarantees safety even in extreme conditions.

The SMILE-G3 residential series on display covers a wide power range of 3~20kW, offering AC, DC, and Hybrid coupled configurations, with single-phase and three-phase options, addressing the energy needs of most households. In addition to its modular design and easy installation feature, the system has superior performance. It supports 200% PV input and 150% backup overloading for 30 seconds. With SN binding technology and unique API, the SMILE-G3 series ensures fast and precise frequency response and control, making it ideal for Virtual Power Plant (VPP) applications.


In response to the growing demand for balcony solar and energy storage systems, AlphaESS introduced the VitaPower VT1000 (1kW/1kWh), designed specifically for the German market. Featuring “plug & play” and eligible for the SolarPLUS funding program, the VT1000 eliminates the need for meter installation and on-grid certification for outputs below 600W, streamlining user experience and maximizing subsidy benefits.


As AlphaESS continues to push the boundaries of energy storage, it remains committed to developing eco-friendly solutions to fulfill its mission to “make clean energy accessible to everyone in the world”. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and environmental protection, AlphaESS is poised to lead the charge towards a greener tomorrow.

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