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AlphaESS sends out face masks supporting partners overseas


AlphaESS donates thousands of face masks to its employees, partners and clients in different countries to help stop the spread of coronavirus and to curb a shortage in health materials. Pictures on face mask crate shipments feature quotes from ancient poems, expressing friendship, good wishes and gratitude.

Nowadays, COVID-19 is spreading over the world and a lot of areas are in hot water with dire shortage of medical supplies, including proper masks, gowns etc.. AlphaESS deeply understands the pain that people are going through for we have been there before. "We are now trying our best to send disposable surgical masks and KN95 masks to our partners and friends over 20 countries in difficult times. Unfortunately the alcohol-based hand sanitizer couldn't be sent by air, otherwise we would deliver it too." said one of the ordinary employees of AlphaESS.

"We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden." AlphaESS' shipment of friendship may not be large in quantity but certainly is a symbol of faith we have.

We can't promise to fix all your problems.

But we can promise that you won't face them alone.