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AlphaESS is rolling out brand new products at Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2021, Sydney


1. Upcoming products

Several upcoming energy storage systems that will launch around the world are covered here, from 1kWh portable power station to 30kW hybrid PCS solution, everything the market needs. 

In Australia, among 2.7M solar installed, only 100k of them have batteries. The market will soon be saturated where retrofitting is the next big opportunity. AlphaESS, therefore, is launching SMILE-B3 PLUS, specially designed for retrofit. Cost-effective, super easy to install, and capable for scale. The 3kW AC-coupled solution with 5kWh built-in battery is available for all retrofit requirements, with a capacity expanded to 30.24 kWh.

Meanwhile, a high-voltage battery is rolling out. It has an 8.2kWh capacity and can be configured either for single (6kW) or three-phase (10 kW) applications, both on-grid & off-grid.

For the C&I, here comes H30, the unique product on the market for its 30kW hybrid-coupled system for off-grid in Australia. The three-phase inverter is able to be configured to 60kWp, DC input and support unbalance load. The cost-effective solution is designed for the outback, farms, and remote areas.

Last year, an Alpha PPS, MINI SMILE, hit the Japan market and received rave reviews. This year, a newborn will be released with a new look worldwide. This portable power station supports 11 devices simultaneously, 1000W AC output, meeting daily needs for power.  

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2. Trends and opportunities

Dong Lin, PhD, VP AlphaESS, has given a speech on Global Industry Perspective: Market and Price Forecasts at the Smart Energy Conference. He points out that the No. 1 factor for the energy storage trends is PAYBACK, and forecasts that, as for the cost, a 15-20% drop will be reasonable when the market grows to 50,000-80,000 systems. Hence, the community battery and retrofit will get their chances, and so does AlphaESS, who is leading the trends of the market, always.

3.  Installer Network

A trusted network of installers is launched for those who deliver an exceptional customer experience with Alpha products. It is designed to improve installation efficiency, unify on boarding process and provide stronger support. The installers will be assigned three tiers �C Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The higher tier receives a higher level of privileges.

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Beware of the Brand
Infringement of AlphaESS

Recently, a severe infringement and fraud issue has caught our attention. A FAKE application with a FAKE logo, a FAKE website and even FAKE videos under the name of AlphaESS are now spreading all over India, attempting to seduce people to invest money in energy storage systems by using a FAKE AlphaESS logo and real AlphaESS products photos.

It's obvious that they are looting money by using a FAKE AlphaESS brand and have seriously violated the intellectual property rights of AlphaESS.

AlphaESS shall spare no efforts and no costs to go against the violation by all means legally before more people get deceived.