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AlphaESS Drives Smart Energy Transition, Unfolding the Future of Energy Storage at SNEC Expo Shanghai


Shanghai, China, June 18, 2024 – AlphaESS, a multinational green energy storage solution and service provider, made an impression at the SNEC PV Power Expo, China’s largest international PV power trade show. With full power range of energy storage solutions, AlphaESS has highlighted its innovations in higher efficiency and smarter applications, thanks to its 12-year-expertise in energy storage industry and the fast-growing AI technology with each passing day. AlphaESS has rolled out brand new products together with smart cloud platform for the residential and commercial, reaffirming its role in driving the global energy transition.


Solar-Storage-EVC Residential Solution

AlphaESS presented a wide range of energy solutions for households, empowering homeowners to adopt a greener lifestyle. The product lineup includes all-in-one hybrid energy storage systems, balcony ESS, portable power stations, and EV chargers. Supported by the lifetime-free AlphaCloud online monitoring platform, users can reap the economic benefits and convenience of smart energy management.

The SMILE-G3 residential series offers a wide power range of 3 to 20 kW, available in AC, DC, and Hybrid configurations, with both single-phase and three-phase options for addressing the energy needs of most households. Equipped with high-voltage batteries boasting high round-trip efficiency (RTE), the series supports 200% PV input for more profits. Its sustained off-grid operation capability adds a competitive edge, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Additionally, the SMILE-G3 series provides fast and precise frequency response and control, making it ideal for Virtual Power Plant (VPP) applications.


For those who live in an apartment, AlphaESS has also prepared the balcony energy storage system, VitaPower for them,supporting both on-grid and off-grid use. It offers an output power of up to 2000W and is expandable to a maximum capacity of 6 kWh. This all-in-one portable solution is ideal for users installing a balcony energy storage system for the first time or looking to expand their battery capacity. The integrated plug-and-play design simplifies installation, saving users time and enabling an easy transition to a self-sufficient power supply. 


Innovative C&I Solutions & Platform

As to C&I energy storage solutions,  the newly launched STORION-G2-H50 cabinet (50kW/55~104kWh) features plug-and-play installation and is capable of seamless on/off-grid switching within 20ms. Additionally, the STORION-LC372-AiO cabinet (186kW/372kWh) offers advanced liquid cooling technology. Both systems support parallel connections of multiple units. Among the large-scale solutions is the 5MWh AlphaCS-H20-DC-LC 2.0 liquid-cooled container, which boasts high energy density and excellent ROI.


The Low-Carbon Smart Park Platform was also introduced, offering comprehensive online management of industrial parks covering energy, security, fire protection, and intelligent facilities for large enterprise clients.


Expert Insights and Global Recognition

AlphaESS was honored to host Mr. Daniel Fuchs, Chief Customer Officer of EUPD Research, and Mr. John Grimes, Chief Executive of Smart Energy Council, who delivered insightful speeches on EU27 Solar & Storage Market Developments, and the Australian Renewable Energy Market Overview, respectively. AlphaESS provided simultaneous interpreting services on-site for its international audience.



In its key markets, AlphaESS has secured No.1 market share in Australia for another year and received the Top Brand PV awards in the Storage and Inverter sectors in Germany.

The show must go on. A 360° Immersive Tour of the AlphaESS Booth is provided, just a simple click on the following picture will allow  you to visit the booth online anytime, anywhere, accessible to the latest product information and innovative technology achievements.  


About AlphaESS

AlphaESS is a world-leading green energy storage solution and service provider. With 30+ subsidiaries providing local services and 150,000+ systems actively running in 100+ countries, AlphaESS enables millions of people to enjoy reliable, accessible and clean energy.

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