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Understanding Solar Terminology 1 - What is Self-sufficiency?


#Understanding Solar Terminology

AlphaESS Tip 1

 ★What is Self-consumption?
The term Self-consumption, meaning the capability of homes or businesses to generate their own power, describes an important concept in today's energy transition. It can be described as the local use of PV electricity in order to reduce the buying of electricity from other producers.
In practice, self-consumption ratios vary from a few percent to a theoretical maximum of 100%, depending on the PV system size, the local load profile, and yes for sure, the capacity and quality of your energy storage system.
Basic formula: Electricity consumed from PV / PV generation

4ee70bc71b32ea00836a697ee0432f5.jpg☛ Self-consumption optimization ☚
You can cut the electricity bill down to zero by making the best use of your PV and getting totally independent from the grid. As the AlphaESS energy storage system can store surplus PV generation when the sun is shining and discharge as per your electricity needs at night or anytime you want.
✍ PROSUMERS, another neologism
Prosumer, a word built based on the association of "producer" and "consumer" and used widely nowadays, refers to an electricity consumer producing electricity to support your own consumption and possibly feed into the grid.

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